Ravioli with sweet organic organge marmalade

raviolis dolcos amb melmelada de taronjacom fer la pasta

For us the concept of ravioli is always linked to a starter or main course, but in Italy even get to use as desserts. In this case we suggest you do so as dessert stuffed with our organic orange marmalade.



  1. Make stuffing with pine nuts, a half tablespoon of honey and organic orange marmalade until uniform.
  2. Using a brown plate as a template cut the dough into circles that will deposit on a plate with flour. If one is engaged and is a hole, we can cover with the remaining pasta. How only remaining cuts can recycle the pulp to make new ravioli.
  3. To make the ‘sealing’ end will each circle over a floured wood filler deposited portion and closed so that the final shape is a semicircle. We can also do it using two circles with the filling between the two and in this case the shape will be circular.
  4. To close them, get wet finger to the outer rim of the circle why locks. With the help of a fork will seal the two sheets.
  5. We put the ravioli in a glass container we oiled previously and finish “paint” using a brush made with paper towels, the top of the ravioli with a beaten egg (as if we were to make an omelet). Finally we will put the furnace and heated to 180 º have I turned up and down.
  6. How is golden brown (about 20 min) let cool and we can serve.
  7. To decorate you can put the chocolate black erasure over ravioli.


How to make pasta


  • 300 g flour
  • 3 eggs
  • water


  1. We will put the flour in a large bowl and make a small crater in the central part where we’ll take the eggs. First one and stir and detached another and continue stirring. While we are mixing the flour is adding to the dough and rest the bottom of the bowl and is not engaged, which will ultimately spare. After about three minutes, the mixture deposited above the marble kitchen that have been coated with flour.
  2. It’s time enharinarnos hands and start kneading. You have to get good too, silky and elastic. When we consider that is about (the operation takes about 15 minutes at a time just barely engages the fingers) put salt wrap it with a damp cloth and leave in a cool place to replace about 30 minutes (or refrigerator if necessary) before continuing.
  3. Once the pasta is replaced, we put it on the floured marble flour and roll had previously also floured surface until a significant (there you go dusting with flour if we see that hooks) and you proceed to cut. The alternative way to do it is to have one of these machines with rollers, specific to iron, which in fact is the most comfortable way.
  4. To cut it all depends on how we want. For we have too rectangular and circular problem, we can do it with a plate of coffee as mold cutting circles with the tip of a knife and depositing the parties on a plate with flour. If you are engaged or is a hole, we can cover it with leftover pasta. How only remaining cuts can recycle kneading the dough again.
  5. But we roll, we can replace it with a bottle we’ll have filled halfway with warm water.


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