Our crops and other crops organic farmers manufacture a wide range of certified products: canned vegetables, sauces, culinary bases, jams, nuts, olives, extra virgin olive oil, creamed vegetables and baby food. Foods that we offer are the result of a rigorous homemade: traditional recipes, slow cooking, a selection of ingredients thoroughly.

Marmalades, sauces, nuts, olives and extra virgin olive oil, all organic.

  • Organic spicy tomatoes marmalade 280 g
  • Organic orange marmalade 290 g
  • Organic white onion “sofrito” 220 g
  • Organic romesco sauce 140 g / 660 g
  • Organic “arbequines” olives 100 g
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil 250 ml / 500 ml
  • Organic ketchup 275 g
  • Organic tomato sauce “sofrito” 290 g
  • Organic pesto sauce 140 g

Organic creams

  • Organic leek cream 500 ml / 1 L
  • Organic pumpkin cream 500 ml / 1 L

Organic gifts

Organic baby food

  • Jar of steak with organic vegetables 180 g
  • Jar of chicken with organic vegetables 180 g

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