In addition to the cultivation and sale in Hortus also we dedicated to the development of products in our organic food industry.Our gastronomic workshop in Montblanc offers nine hundred square meter capacity thoroughly equipped with high standard equipment complies constantly to hygiene and food processing regulations. In Addition at Hortus, in order to guarantee food safety we follow a preventive self control food system based on HACCP (Analysis Hazard and Critical Control Points).

We provide services to farmers and food businesses both in the conventional sector as organic, manufacturing, processing and handling of food products, in order to ensure employment of workers with disabilities.

  • Service production and processing to third parties under their own brand: collaborate in the development of individual solutions for your product, whether requires a process step or a combination of production processes: processing, packaging, labeling, boxing, etc. . You supply us with raw materials and we elaborate the final product according to your requirements and quality specifications.
  • Service manipulated food: food packaging, labeling and boxing for promotional marketing campaigns, etc..

We offer you the possibility of collaborating in the development (I+D) of new food references to your brand.

We have the certificates, permits and accreditations required for the manufacture of a wide variety of products and corresponding APPCC as health registration requirements of Industries and Food Products (RSIPAC / RGSEAA).

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Remember to contract Hortus services fulfill the legal requirements of the LISMI (Law 13/1982 of 7 April, Social Integration of the Disabled) and embodied actions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) within your organization.

For further information and inquiries, contact us at 977 86 07 68 or leave us your details, tell us your needs and we will contact you.