Cheesecake with organic orange marmalade

Pastis-de-formatge-amb-melmelada-de-taronjaYou like candy? Then we present a very simple cheesecake make with organic orange marmalade.

For the  base:

  • Graham crackers 125g
  • 60g margarine

For de cake:

  • 100 g of orange juice (they are one or two pieces of fruit)
  • 500 g of cream cheese
  • 3 tablespoons ( about 100 g ) organic orange marmalade HORTUS
  • 4 sheets of gelatin
  • 3 tablespoons sugar ( 2 tablespoons fructose)
  • Milk 100 g

The base:

  1. Crush cookies progressive 5-10 . Add the margarine at room temperature and spray again to see much involved.
  2. Place the ring mold on the tray where we will serve and smash into biscuit mix , lining the base.
  3. Reserve in the freezer while preparing the cake.

The cake:

  1. In a deep dish with water, let the gelatin sheets items to soak for 5 minutes , because they hydrate.
  2. Squeeze orange juice and heat about a minute in the microwave , do not boil . Toss the drained gelatine leaves and stir until completely dissolved.
  3. In a bowl put the cheese , milk , fructose , and jam , mix all the blender and then pour the orange juice with gelatin, and stir .
  4. We took the base we had reserved in the freezer and toss the mixture inside. Leaving replaced in the freezer or refrigerator for several hours or better overnight .


  1. Once curd, we can decorate to our taste, along with some mandarin orange slices in syrup or marmalade use the other we have left in the pot , mixed with a sheet of gelatin , dissolved in two tablespoons of hot water. And replacing it in the fridge until it hardens coverage.
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