Organic new creams HORTUS

In Hortus continue working to offer the best organic products market, which is why we have developed our PUMPKIN CREAM CREAM LEEK and formats of 500 ml and 1 L.

Creams are either vegetables or other ingredients creams are always a safe choice when we first nutritious and delicious dish. Currently there are many creams with a long list of varieties but still why we have selected the best leeks and green pumpkins to make a very soft and suitable for the whole family cream, from the youngest to the oldest.

Just for Kids are a great way to eat vegetables often refuse to eat at other meals, you can check out our recipe section where we will publish the dishes related to these products in order to have more ideas when serve them.

The fundamental difference between the purees and creams is that they usually carry some kind of built like cream or heavy cream milk, in our case neither takes milk but if you want you can add milk or yogurt, two options they are light and equally good.

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