10 reasons to eat organic food

There are many reasons to eat organic food.

We are sure that if we asked each person entering the store Montblanc Hortus Aprodiscae we behave a good surprise the large number of reasons.

We summarize it in 10 reasons:

  1. They are tasty. With organic food tastes authentic and original return, plus seasonal foods are consumed at the right time.
  2. Healthy. Organic food usually have a high concentration of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.
  3. They are safe. Organic food strictly comply with all applicable food safety standards.
  4. Help preserve the environment and reduce carbon footprint. Used agroecological pest management techniques which minimize the impact of agricultural activities on the environment.
  5. They are produced without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which gives rise to free food waste, in addition to not pollute the environment.
  6. Do not use genetically modified organisms (also known as GM) for risks that may lead to health (possible allergies, antibiotic resistance and immune system effects), but also by environmental risks and genetic pollution and decrease biodiversity.
  7. The most respected animal welfare, thus ensuring a proper and living conditions of farm animals to prevent their continued suffering.
  8. Animals not treated with preventive antibiotics or hormones, in order to avoid having waste into products that reach consumers.
  9. It restricts the use of additives essential to ensure maximum food safety.
  10. Are strictly regulated by European standards and be certified by accredited bodies to do so. In Catalonia is carried out by the estates.

Why buy Hortus APRODISCAe?

To generate social value: Hortus Buying in contributing to the creation and maintenance of jobs for people with intellectual disabilities, mental illness and / or social exclusion working in our organization.

Because values that territorial Buying in Hortus’re promoting the dignity of farmers and producers of our rural counties and contribute to local development and food sovereignty of Catalonia.

And you … what are your reasons? 😉

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