Hortus Recipe: Breakfast, entree or dessert? Cup of yogurt with tomato marmalade and orange eco

Copa de iogurt amb melmelada de tomàquetWe present a recipe that you can use as you like best, such as breakfast, entree or dessert, served with our organic spicy tomatoe marmalade and organic orange marmalade.
  1. The assembly we do with a glass or a cup, put some yogurt, make a layer with spicy tomato marmalade and ended with orange marmalade.
  2. Garnish with cereals.
  3. This cup yogurt, jams and cereals is very simple but it is still a breakfast, entree or dessert delicious, refreshing and nutritious.

Extrated from: http://www.directodelnorte.com/recetas_mermeladas_4.html