New Pack “Menja & Recicla”

Hortus launches a new product called “Menja & Recicla” a new sustainable and decorative concept that you can enjoy our ecological jams and sauces. A good choice of healthy food that then become a very special holders, a decorative element that will be part of your home giving a very warm and welcoming light.

You can choose between 4 models containing different landscapes, each box contains instructions and a recipe with products Hortus.

Where you can find it? In our organic shop online

With your purchase you are contributing and ensuring the continuity of our social project, promoting quality of life and social and labor integration of people with disabilities.

These are the photographs that we offer, you can choose 2 will only need to indicate to us what you like and send an email to you send them and will only need to print them.


Finally we give you another idea of ​​decoration and recycling, it is turning into a decorative turret box, here we leave the steps.