HORTUS products in a sample products in Catalonia in El Corte Inglés of Barcelona

El Corte Inglés from February 8 to March 9, Sample product Catalunya – Aliments of qualitat located on the 5th. floor of the building El Corte Inglés Diagonal (Barcelona). A treat for all those interested in the typical food consumed in Catalonia.

This fair is aimed at promoting local products and our territory, with the collaboration of Consells Comarcals and specifically the Conca de Barberà also participates and with Vinumconca cover exposure for sale of products in this fair.

Participate producers throughout our territory and we invite you to discover, taste and enjoy some of these great wines, champagnes, oils, cheese, rice, marmalades … through program presentations, tastings and pairings of the show. Programa

We hope it will raise awareness of organic products elaborated with such dedication.

Your purchase is contributing to our social mission!



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