Why buy organic food? Benefits and reasons

  1. They are tasty
  2. Are healthy and usually have a high concentration of nutrients
  3. They are safe and comply with regulations
  4. Help preserve the environment and reduce carbon footprint
  5. They are produced without pesticides or chemical fertilizers
  6. Do not use genetically modified organisms
  7. The most respected animal welfare
  8. Animals not treated with preventive antibiotics or hormones
  9. It restricts the use of additives to essential
  10. Are strictly regulated by European standards

Why buy Hortus APRODISCAe?

  • To generate social value: Hortus Buying in contributing to the creation and maintenance of jobs for people with intellectual disabilities, mental illness and / or social exclusion working in our organization.
  • Because values that territorial Buying in Hortus’re promoting the dignity of farmers and producers of our rural counties and contribute to local development and food sovereignty of Catalonia
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