The project HORTUS APRODISCAe in “Ets el que menges”

Hortus Aprodiscae: commitment to people and territory. With this headline comes an interesting article published on the web ets el que menges by Neus Monllor.   In explaining our history as a social and a commitment to our project agroecological dedicated to growing, processing and sale of products and organic meals. APRODISCA also participated in a project led by the City of Manresa called, which together with Cedricat and Dinamis aims to generate new jobs in the sector of organic production and its progress towards a situation more strength, consolidation, cohesion and competitiveness.

L’espai INNOVA: a network of environmental entrepreneurs. A compilation of experiences on innovative projects on organic farming in Catalonia where the goal is to provide the opportunities and potential employment in the green sector in Catalonia and, simultaneously, to acknowledge those innovative driving experience and are operating in this area.

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