Spring has arrived in HORTUS!

foto primaveraSPRING & HAPPINESS, premiered this spring slogan that begins today, a festival of color and flavor that enhances the senses. That nature is wise not just a phrase, it is a reality, because each season brings us everything we need to have a healthy and nutritious food. So if we ignore its principles, and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables season and not have to suffer: We’re in good hands!

Also, if we are quite farsighted, we still enjoy the taste and properties of these foods the rest of the year making preserves, sauces and jams. The raw material is very important, that is why, when producing organic products Hortus Aprodiscae use ingredients in their heyday, when they are more flavorful.

We take it, that was today March 20 International Day of Happiness to wish you a very good spring and you have enjoyed the fruits of our land that we feature!

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