Spikes and rice croquettes with organic spicy tomatoe marmalade


We present a recipe very easy and economical, look how is with organic spicy tomatoes marmalade.



  1. Cook the rice and let it pass the point just cooked so that it is softer than normal. It’s best to use a pump-type rice but if not equal worth us others except parboiled rice, as we would with a completely different texture.
  2. Then let cool strain the rice, this recipe can be made with rice remains that we have been the day before.
  3. Incorporate in a bowl with rice, diced ham, peppers and onions. Mix everything well, season and add the egg, mix and keep adding flour to go into a mass that can be worked with your hands.
  4. Form balls for round croquettes and roll in bread with black sesame for remaining batter.
  5. For the skewers, place a large amount of rice to the beads on one end of a stick and go broché pressing the rice to make it in the shape you see in the picture, then batter with bread crumbs.
  6. Fry the croquettes as both skewers in hot oil until golden.
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