Hortus Recipe: “Calçots” baked with organic romesco sauce

If you want to enjoy “calçots” but you cannot arrange a traditional outdoor “calçotada”, we propose achieve an outstanding result by roasting them and pair it with our delicious Organic Romesco Sauce.



  1. Heat oven evenly to 190 ° C.
  2. Clean the “calçots” cut the exceeding green top leaves and root then peel few green layers.
  3. Lay the calçots on an aluminium foil and on the baking tray.
  4. We add few drops of the organic extra virgin olive oil.
  5. Oven it for about 15 minutes and then turn them upside-down .
  6. Oven 20 minutes more. Bear in mind that in this case you don´t need to blacken them!
  7. Serve and pair it with the Organic Romesco sauce.

From: http://www.donamvida.com/blog/category/calcots-de-ciutat/
Image from La Cocina de Piescu.

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