Parmesan panna cotta with Hortus Spicy tomato Mermelade

pannacotta parmesano-dapIngredients:

100 g of Hortus Spicy Tomato Mermelade
125 ml milk
125 ml cream,
70 g finely grated Parmesan cheese,
1 g of agar agar, salt and pepper

Begin distributing the tomato mermelade in the bottom of the cups by a smooth layer.

Then put them in a saucepan the cream, milk and Parmesan cheese and agar agar, this I find in supermarkets or health food stores. We carry everything to a boil, stirring continuously with a whisk but slowly, trying not to make bubbles, let it cook for two minutes. Add a little pepper to taste and add salt.

Pour through a sieve the mixture spreading it between shots, we materialize a minimum of three hours. Serve chilled.
Recipe courtesy of Esther Clemente, Directo al Paladar

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