New accreditation for sale near agrifood

January 9, 2013 the Government of Catalonia approved the decree creating an accreditation for the sale of food products proximity to “economically revitalize the sector” and “reassure consumers, the producer and put safety in value of farm products “, as highlighted by the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Natural Environment, Josep Maria Pelegri, in the press conference after the Council Ejecutivo.
Counselor Pelegrí the goal is “economically revitalize this productive sector”
Accreditation of voluntary appearance and claimed by the same producers, will identify its products as coming from a farm located in Catalonia.

“The practice of the sale of proximity, with concepts like slow food or Km 0, is increasingly relevant to consumers”, noted Pelegrí, as guarantees of safety, quality and freshness of food, and this decree the government “full reality suited to the current dynamics in the agro-food sector.”

Sale of proximity marketing means the direct or short circuit, which reduces the transfer process and brokerage products. This will facilitate consumer awareness about products and producers, it helps the economic viability of the Catalan countryside and consequently socio-economic development of rural areas.

In this regard, the Minister of Agriculture has stressed that accreditation approved today can serve as a “tourist attraction” and has opted for cooperation between rural tourism and restoration through the consumption of products and seasonal proximity.
The logo that will identify products and agricultural producers who sell directly is an arrow around a font with the inscription Sale Near and subtitle direct short circuit in the image that is to be used for each case.
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