Know what you eat?

Tofu is a food that has become popular recently in our house and, therefore, is still largely unknown to many of us.

What is Tofu?

The tofu was born in China and consists of soybean curd juice. It would be easy to do, a kind of bean curd.
The tofu cool find more or less water content as: soft tofu, firm tofu and tofu dry. We also find tofu processed, made from fresh tofu.

Properties of Tofu

The soybean protein has the same quality as animal protein. So many people use it as a substitute for meat.
Tofu is a food low in fat (less than 5%), which helps lower blood cholesterol levels.
It has calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.
It should be clarified that most of the soya is GM’s supermarkets. To avoid this you have to choose from organic soy, certified as such.

How to cook tofu?

The taste of tofu is neutral, making it ideal for combining with other foods. Besides its texture makes it permeates the taste of his companions.
We can cook soups, stews, at Plaxo, fried into patties or meatballs, sauces, etc..

Practical tips:

You should keep it in the refrigerator covered with water should be changed daily (maximum open once a week).
It is advisable tofu cooked (boiled, fried, stewed …) or marinated to remove any bacteria.
It is not advisable to combine it in sweet dishes as indigestible and can not properly assimilate protein.
In our store you will find  certified organic tofu. Bon appetit!

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