Hortus recipe: Rice croquettes, roasted carrots and organic white onion “sofrito”

We present fantastic croquettes made with our organic white onion “sofrito”



  1. Prepare rice cooked with water about 45 – 50 min., Drain well so that no liquid. Mix carrots, grilled onions, and egg. If we see that it is liquid, it went through a pot or pan to reduce it.
  2. With the mass and a loose, forming balls and we went through the flour, then beaten egg and finally by breadcrumbs. We left them in a dish prepared.
  3. Meanwhile put a small skillet or small saucepan with oil warms, the more oil the better.
  4. When we put the croquettes hot to cook, when we took them out golden brown and put them on absorbent paper.
  5. They eat hot and really are a good resource for when you really want to cook and want sorpender family.
  6. Perfect with a fish dish, if we have something juicy, better pair it with something dry, well compensated.

Extrated from: http://www.llepadits.com/2009/11/croquetes-darros-integral-pastanaga-i-ceba/

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