Goat cheese ravioli with carrot and organic pesto sauce

If you are of those who do not have time to cook and want a simple and delicious dish …. today we present a recipe with fresh pasta that I am sure you will like it.



  • Goat cheese ravioli with carrot of Fundació Onyar
  • Organic pesto sauce Hortus Aprodiscae
  • Pine nuts for garnish


  1. The fresh pasta Onyar la Selva is stuffed with goat cheese, onion, carrot, oil, salt and breadcrumbs, just boil 2 minutes.
  2. Now you can serve the dish accompanied with pesto eco room to taste and a few pine nuts for garnish.

Photography adapted from: ow.ly/YVkyY

Where can you find pasta and pesto sauce?

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