Eco gifts from 65 €

These packs are designed to special occasions, an original and healthy gift. Besides contributing to a social project, we give you the chance to make a gift that will be remembered for its quality and excellence, we present our best selection of organic and proximity products.

Look at them, we can adapt to your needs, leave us a message telling us how we can help you or call 977 86 07 68.


  • Organic orange marmalade Hortus 280 g
  • Organic spicy tomatoe marmalade Hortus 290 g
  • Organic white onion ‘sofrito’ Hortus 220 g
  • Organic Romesco sauce Hortus 140 g
  • Organic ‘Arbequines’ olives Hortus 100 g
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil Hortus 250 ml
  • Secallona organic artisan 215 g  La Llania
  • Tender goat cheese with organic oil of 350 g Artelac
  • Cloth ecological toasted of Paño Fruits 150 g
  • Organic Honey of Mels Alemany 500 g
  • Organic Alicante nougat 200 g of Fleca Tascó
  • Organic chocolate nougat 200 g of Fleca Tascó
  • Organic Quince Cal Valls 300 g


  • Prices already include VAT and delivery fees not included.
  • The payment is to be agreed by both parties
  • Delivery will be made at the place and date you specify.