Bags cod with organic spicy tomatoe marmalade

Farcellets-de-bacallà-amb-melmelada-de-tomaquetToday we present an easy and tasty recipe, giving a very unique contrast to the saltiness of the cod and sweet of the organic spicy tomatoe marmalade.



  1. We begin to saute the onion over medium heat until very soft and it almost transparent. When it done , add the chopped cod and let it cook for about five minutes or until you have lost all the water has evaporated , add the flour (two tablespoons for a quart of milk ) and leave that integrates with cod , once the flour no longer note , and add the milk , stirring constantly , wait until the sauce thickens . Check the salt and add pepper and nutmeg.
  2. You can wipe the blender if you want me to stay softer. Let cool .
  3. Meanwhile, prepare the baking tray with baking paper and carefully, we will make the thread Atillos pasta, filling them with one or two tablespoons of cod and closing them carefully. We will put in the oven until they pick the tan
  4. Finally decorate the plate with organic spicy tomatoe marmalade and mint leaves .

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